The 2009 Classical World Aerobatic Championships have been accomplished at Silverstone (UK), although a limited number of programmes were flown (there is a reason why England is so green!).


We are happy to celebrate the overall victory of Renaud Ecalle from France (this is not at all a surprise, he is so talented and was so brilliant in the FAI World Grand Prix when he won at Motegi in 2008!). Elena Klimovitch from Russia is the new Female World Champion who for once finished ahead of 6 - time champion, Svetlana Kapanina.

Congratulations to the winners!


Overall, what we would like to point out is the fantastic second place of Alexander Krotov.

He suffered a dramatic accident in the 2003 Motegi Grand Prix and everyone who has seen the pictures wonders how he could survive.


Quite isolated then and abandoned by the officals of the sport, our organisation made everything possible for his hospitalisation just after the crash. Intensive care was provided during six weeks by our Japanese friends, with the expenses being shared between Haute Voltige and the Sukhoi Design Bureau.


Then with the assistance of his family and friends, and thanks to his very strong will, Alexander patiently recovered in Russia and is now back to top level and ranked number 2 in the world. This is the greatest victory on destiny.


It is also a big relief for all of us, and our thoughts are going to pilots and organisers who were not so well praised by the good stars of aerobatics.

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