Haute Voltige is a big split between a philosophical idea and its spectacular demonstration
it is our engine and our fuel, our driving force, physical, but also beyond physics, meta-physical.
At this point, we do not have the necessary financial resources to physically organise aerobatic events, therefore we will limit our activity to the production of video pictures for promoting the art of all those pilots who accompanied us on this fabulous racetrack at Motegi, and to a reflection which is vital in this world in metamorphosis. It is the least you can expect when you act as a pilot and you put a meaning behind this word.

Forty years after starting the spatial and aerobatic exploration of the kingdom of the skies, I humbly confess that I discovered the secret of gods, a tremendous hope in the transformation of a civilisation which started a very long time ago in Mesopotamia, in Crete, in Egypt, and Sicily which made a deep change two thousand years ago, and which is now reaching a new essential milestone. Supported by an economical crisis, an ecological shakeup, and the understanding by individuals of their own responsibility in the mastering of their destiny, this current change of civilisation is definitely a force on its way that nobody can stop. We are here, and, like Homer, we are not blind. Ulysses made a good trip, and there is only one way to go, difference and sharing in unity A fundamental compromise in aerobatics.

A new world disregarding dogmas, a renewal of our deepest beliefs, a new Utopia will surge, but a reasonable utopia, the representation of which is deep in the heart of the aerobatic pilot who knows very well that, beyond his short-life figures in three dimensions, stands the door of the fourth one. Time that is also to be explored in a crazy way, with the immediate benefit that this operation is at no cost, but in a perspective without any mirror, although past is obviously most important to understand the permanent change, and to anticipate it, because there is no reverse gear in cosmos.

Therefore, we will participate in the reign of our poetry in action, free of charge, but able to give a meaning to life, without being lured by words, without bluff.
Like music and aerobatics, this poetry in action is a game of words and situations based on arithmetic's that does not cheat, if men don’t cheat the accounts. A philosophy which removes the mask and unveils the shadow of a God who has to be reinvented without any malicious intent, without any manipulation of men by man…
Madness difficult to trust?
It is normal for people who do not have both feet on earth, or those who are just realistic and do not accept the impressionist or surrealistic fiber of the aerobatic pilots of Time. And this is where, waiting for our next physical event with mechanical birds making O’s, I’s, S’s and angels, we will take you under the banner of the Challenge of Times

To understand each other, we will need a universal and intemporal code. Therefore, we will play with the Roman alphabet with 23 letters (our alphabet without J,V and W) which will take you to the time of our origins, and we will give to each letter of this alphabet the weight of its order number…

A 1  B 2 C 3 D 4 E 5
F  G 7 H 8 I K 10
L 11 M 12  N 13  O 14 P 15
Q 16 R 17 S 18  T  19  U 20
X 21 Y 22 Z 23        

In this frame, MOTEGI weighs 66 (the sum of both numbers is 12 M, and the product 36 CF), which is the triangular number of 11 (L)…
But, first fundamental ambiguïty, O (14) can also be zero (O), once the zero has been discovered. It means there is a second possible option, as true as the preceeding one, MOTEGI weighs 52.
Similarily, I can transcript M-O by 12-0 or by 12-14, and see the sum of the three couples MO-TE-GI in 1488 OHH or 394 CID, which is ideal for a human adventure on a Twin Ring ...

Since 52 (EB) is the reverse of  25 (BE), I will take you directyl to the origin of  BEBE, through the famous magical latin square 5x5 SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS


It is a « palindrome » that can be read in several directions, from left to right, from right to left, from bottom to top and from top to bottom. A knitting weave or the loops of an ox ploughing.
A long time before the first loops of Nesterov and Pegoud, exactly 100 years ago, a long time before the first flight, men had invented the concept of aerobatics… (to be followed)

© Copyright Jean Louis Monnet