25.08 : LOOPING THE LOOP 1990-2009


Yverdon, Switzerland, 15th World Aerobatic Championships. We created the first international aerobatic competition to music with the Breitling Masters.


Still in the field of an aerobatics competition to music, the FAI World Grand Prix succeeded the Breitling World Cup.


Twin Ring Motegi, Japan. The FAI World Grand Prix was the first aerobatic competition to music to be held on a race track.


Silverstone race track, UK, the 25th World Aerobatic Championships officially includes a "Freestyle Championship", a copy of the FAI World Grand Prix format (easy to copy, difficult to equal, as people say!). Finally, after nineteen years of efforts, our views on flying to music are recognised, our pionnering job is officially accomplished with success. 

Silverstone will remain a milestone for that, although it was also the unfortunate scene of the first fatal accident in a World Aerobatic Championship (Vicky Cruse, USA, 22 August 2009) in 49 years, since Leon Biancotto at Bratislava (22 August 1960). As organisers, we can only express our gratitude to our lucky star since our first event in 1989, and we sincerely express our compassion.


From now on, Haute Voltige and the FAI World Grand Prix will dedicate aerobatics to poetry, although it could be more dangerous for your deepest beliefs.

Our role will no longer be to determine who are the best pilots able to fly aerobatics to music, but from time to time, to select among the best pilots those who are able to offer you a spectacular event where "sheep can see the wolf"!