As everyone can now testify from the economical, environmental and spiritual crisis, the time has come for a change of civilisation.
But how? A renewal through the aerobatic Conjunction of the Opposites ...

Just imagine how things started, with O and I only...
I was the way to go forward, O was the way of the return thinking that, between life and death, men accomplished a cycle, a loop. Therefore, O, which is at the beginning and at the end, could also be translated by the way to death  ...
They cohabitated like that, experiencing several positions, like IO or OI, or I below or I under the O, and finally, I ended up like a sausage inside a doughnut. They had a lot of fun, but the game became boring, too repetitive and no longer exciting because something was missing, the change, the renewal.

One day they saw their own image in a mirror, this was the seed of the idea, they decided to share, to split themselves in two, and that changed the world!
I reduced to "i" and "O" to "o", but that was not enough. 
So, O opened herself, made C masculine and D feminine to create a COD with I, what you can see in CID ...
C was the symbol of life, starting at birth at the beginning of the C, ending at the end of the C but you don't know when, since you don't know how big the C is. And D is the symbol of Death, the cycle which has been accomplished and closed by I. ¬†Women, don't be upset, this principle made GOD a female!

At one point, DICO had to meet and establish a structure to develop themselves. They had played in all positions, normal, inverted, reverse, forward, but the game was still very limited.
This is when aerobatics was created, because D, closed by "I ", required "I" to restart a new game, and "I" therefore had to play the part of the renewal.
During this meeting, they established that an "order" was necessary, so that everyone could understand each other through the same references.
And the order could only be determined by numbers.
Looking at their two hands, I and O decided, to honour their primitive association, to count from I to IO and to give I the number 9 since he was in charge of what was "new". It created confusion because "I" was also at the beginning, the number 1.
So, the most clever solution was to create the numbers, and then to create letters in the precise order of the alphabet, to form words. The difficult point was to create the right shape of each cypher.

I and C were in charge of the design of the numbers, with little "i" and little "o", C being used most of the time with its mirror image except for number 6 (a C with a reduced "o" below).
"I " was used for numbers 1, 4, 7, and as a radius positioned on the reversed C, below (to make 2), in the middle (to make 3) or at the top (to make 5).
Everyone could notice that 2 and 5 were reversed images, 6 and 9 too, and 3 and 8 had a very special relationship since 3 was the vertical split of an 8 which also became the symbol of the double S...

The day the numbers understood how they could play together, between themselves and their opposites (for example 234 and 432 make 666), then I and O knew they were linked to each other for eternity. They discovered that 2 in a mirror was a heart on a plate, and they invented God through the number of their common mystery, starting initially with CID until they changed I to number 9, so that 314 became CAD or CO, and they called it PI like pi-cad-or in the arena of life. This is how CID 394 remained a reference to MO-TE-GI, not bad for a twin ring....

© Copyright Jean Louis Monnet