01.04.09 : THE CHALLENGE OF TIME - 3

So, what change in civilisation? Just imagine that all your beliefs were wrong, consequences of a huge fraud, and that we reach the revelation of April Fool's Day...
Aerobatics can help understand there is nothing like a return to departure, a cycle. The end of a loop is always further away than the beginning, but the positive figure is as important as the negative one.
Life is not a circle, it's a spiral, and it goes only forward, turning around the pot.
Once you have entered the arena of life, without any awareness of the regulations, you are condemned to death by the toreador...
So, don't miss the right challenge, there is no return! Paradise is here and now, in a non violent world, and we have a role to play in its construction...
If you don't want to make it happen, it will be your own choice, but just remember that nobody will ever care of your "Value", or your "Highness", which are only worth your own mirror.
You want adrenaline? Fly aerobatics!
Transcendance? Climb a mountain, or think the reverse of your beliefs!
Explosion of the numbers and climate evolution will change our lifestyle, that's clear. However, it is not the planet which has to be saved (Nature is powerful enough to slap us in the face when she feels it), it is the human species which has to control its reactions like wild animals.
The first thing to change is our own mind, to forget about our old concepts which never brought peace to earth.
2009 April Fool's Day is telling you the end of "blind faith" which alienated our freedom. The Tables of Law have been changed! From now on, you have entered the Challenge of Times! Remember that in IO years!

© Copyright Jean Louis Monnet